I’m a father of 2 wonderful boys and I am very passionate about AI & machine learning.

I have a degree in computer science & physics for higher education from the University of Vienna. Before studying computer science & physics I studied psychology at the University of Vienna (I finished ~50% of the Bachelor’s degree & switched then to computer science and physics).

Before that I studied Method Acting at the Actor’s Workshop Vienna (2004-2008), where I specialized in Eric Morris’s system.

I have made a documentary called „Schools of Trust“ about schools where kids can learn, what they are interested in, where they can pursue their curiosity without grades and curricula – and unfold their potentials. You can watch it here:

English Trailer:

Full Movie (english subtitles available):

Here is another project of mine call „Children of Love“, where I interviewed scientists about the question: „How can we help our kids to live fulfilled, happy lives?“: